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One Holidaymaker's Review

Brilliant a holiday you will not regret booking.

Okay where do I start?

Well I could tell you that Beam Reach is clean, well presented and has all the required kitchen utensils but you can read that elsewhere and that is really the boring stuff. Yes there are lots of pots and pans, two cafetieres, a large American fridge and fresh towels and linen everywhere but you don't want to know about that . . . . . . .. . you want to know about the pool!

It's huge, I've seen domestic pools before but this is on a different scale and in length it would not shame a small parish leisure center. It also has a salt water system (not that you'd know) which is something I'd never even realised existed. I can't tell you the science but there is no chlorine added at all and it doesn't even seem particularly salty and is kind on the skin and the eyes.


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